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Desert Photography is my first love. For me desert is living being changing it's form every moment with dancing wind. I find graceful female figures in the curves and contours of sand dunes. Line & Light are important tools to capture the beauty of texture and form of curvy sand dunes.

Travel photography is not merely shooting historical monuments but it is a deep understanding of people, and their life style and culture. Interaction with the people of different language, places and religion is the core element of travel photography. Travel photography is true presentation of places, and lifestyle of people including their flora and fauna without any manipulation.

Street Photography is very challenging genre of Photography. It is a candid photography of people interacting with environment at public places. I personally feel Street Photography as a medium of exploring one's own inner self by putting oneself at the level of people we photograph. Street photography is not a staged photography but is capturing a floating moment preserving it's spontaneity.
Normally I use burring technique to enhance the narrative and emotional value which is the core compositional element of street photography.